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For eight years, I've been traveling the world with no fixed abode. During the Covid lockdowns, I had to staylonger in one place, but even then I was housesitting for others. Mostly I stay in one place for a while, letting it infuse my being with its light, its emotions, its inhabiting spirit. Then I go to the canvas and and try bring that feeling alive in color and line, layers and textures.

I spent four months in New Zealand. Twice. A year in Beverly Hills. Summers mostly in the mountains of Italy and winters in the US.

I spent a couple of months in the South of France.The charm of solid geometrical architectures mixed with the effervescent light on the water inspired a different approach to place, rendered in two dimensions but that I hope transports the viewer's spirit there.

Dreams of S├Ęte
Summer in New Zealand

Floral Geometry