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Following the creative impulse through the lively and the visual arts, Susan looks to capture what lies within as well as without. A strong visual imagination keeps her grounded in the "thingness" of the plastic arts alongside the ephemeral "nowness" of the lively arts. Her aim is always the aha! of recognition for the viewer, seeing beyond the artifact to the experience the feeling that engendered it.


Recent Events

LA Currents
In Conversation with Susan diRende
Channel 35 Los Angeles
8:30AM July 4, 2019

WisCon 2019
Knife Witches and Others
Aqueduct Reading of short story, Knife Witch
May 24, 2019

2019 LA Times Festival of Books
Book Signing at Bookmonster booth
April 14, 2019


About Me

Born in New Jersey of Italian parents, I grew up with a double vision of culture and have always looked to create at the intersection of worlds. Some of the first work I created professionally was as a clown in the circus and I remain an artist who likes to turn things upside down. A love of collaboration led me to create works in collaborative genres such as theater, film, and music performance alongside my individual works as a writer and artist.

In 2014, I sold my belongings and left for a year of travel and exploration. I began work on A Year in Miniature, a visual arts concept to record what she calls her “vagabond year” in small polyvinyl panels the size of a credit card with permanent ink pens. The results drew praise and have had exhibitions in New Zealand, Mexico, Belgium, and the US.

Five years later, I'm still living a nomadic life, painting and writing as I travel, looking to capture images reflective of place and moment in time, and writing about the past and present, imaginary and remembered, the everyday and the ecstatic.